About CEW Conclave 2024

‘Shaping the future of consumer electronics & tech industry in India’

A comprehensive ecosystem designed to propel your business and the entire industry forward - Consumer Electronics World Expo. At the heart of this lies the CEW Conclave, a dynamic platform brimming with opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and shape the future of technology.

First-ever CEW Conclave featuring top associations hosting networking opportunities with professionals from leading brands:


Presents opportunities for investors eyeing the Indian Consumer Electronics sector.

CEAMA (Consumer Electronics & Appliances Manufacturers Association) & ICEA (India Cellular & Electronics Association)

Assembles top consumer electronics & appliance manufacturers to explore networking & business opportunities.

IIID DRC (Indian Institute of Interior Designers - Delhi Regional Chapter)

Brings together Interior designers & Architects to explore design possibilities.

CEW Conclave Agenda:

Day Time Events Themes In Focus
Day 1 (6th June) 11:30AM - 1:00PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Inaugural Session: Step towards Viksit Bharat: Vision 2047 for the Road Ahead

  1. Overview of General Electronics Market & Drivers
  2. Government’s ecosystem push in electronics to evaluate the consumer electronics industry’s potential role, focusing on economic growth, job creation, and innovation.
  3. Priorities of the Government & Industry in the sector moving forward
02:00PM - 03:30PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Panel Discussion: Localising Global Value Chains in India: Challenges & Opportunities

  1. Global Positioning of India in the Value Chain: Footprint strategies for companies looking to offshore, nearshore and friend shore.
  2. The synergistic path to profitability: Leveraging Government Initiatives to improve returns.
  3. India Post-PLI: Segments of Growth and focus on value-addition going forward
  4. Supply Chain Resilience Vs Cost Deficiencies: Priorities of Global brands in choosing the next destination, addressing current challenges & exploring strategies for effective supply chain management
  5. Challenges to innovation and scale: Setting R&D, IP, cost and quality benchmarks
  6. Making in India & Making for the World: Making India the next export hub
03:30PM - 5:00PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Panel Discussion: Reimagining Smartphone Experience - How ‘Surfaces’ can play a key role in making the phone smarter

  1. Discussing the evolution and expansion of smartphone use cases over the past decade.
  2. Analysing key activities such as streaming, shopping, searching, gaming, payments, news consumption, studying, and tracking.
  3. Solutions to minimise toggling across apps and multiple screens, even in pre-determined journeys.
  4. Showcasing how 'Surfaces' can provide users a seamless, smart, and serendipity-rich experience.
  5. Case studies on the adoption of 'Surface' offerings by leading innovators like Glance for Android and Apple for iOS.
  6. Potential future developments in surface technology and their implications for the smartphone industry.
Day 2 (7th June) 11:30AM - 01:00PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Panel Discussion: Shaping the Future of Consumer Electronics: Enhancing India’s Competitiveness

  1. Focus Segments and Product opportunities for EMS and OEMs.
  2. Diving Deeper: Local value addition and component ecosystem & focus areas.
  3. Role of high-quality Electronic Components in Powering the Next Generation of Smart Appliances and Potential Impact on Viksit Bharat.
  4. Sourcing/ B2B Manufacturing for new categories and lower MOQ.
  5. JVs and strategic alliance for technology upgradation in India.
  6. Priorities going forward: Encouraging partnerships between government, industry stakeholders, and academia to develop a collaborative ecosystem.
  7. Building export resilience and competitiveness.
02:00PM - 03:30PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Panel Discussion: Seeding India’s Growing Consumer Electronics Opportunity: The Venture Capital Perspective

  1. The evolving funding landscape for consumer electronics in the VC space.
  2. Key drivers for growth and what a VC/Funds look for where is the whitespace? Optimal mix between growth, profitability, and scale in innovative categories.
  3. What kind of capital needs are the most urgent to be addressed – working capital v/s growth capital.
  4. hat is the strategy for reducing companies' import dependence in categories where the Indian manufacturing ecosystem is still evolving?
  5. How different channels Last delivery and the innovations in distribution mechanisms (Reliance, Blinkit, ONDC, etc.)
  6. Innovation in advancing consumer credit for discretionary spending- startups, financial instruments, way ahead.
  7. Disruptive technologies, innovation and smart technologies enable new product development and category creation.
  8. Scaling Up: Channels for Growth, Localisation, Export Opportunities and Challenges
03:30PM - 05:30PM
Venue: Hall No. 2, IICC Dwarka, Yashobhoomi

Panel Discussion: AI in SI (Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Interiors) – Integrating Smart Spaces

  1. Use of AI in home automation – seamless symbiosis.
  2. Smart technology and energy efficiency.
  3. Ai-driven Security systems – Do they provide an added layer of protection?
  4. Privacy concerns with smart technology – Cyber security & ethical AI Development.
  5. Future trends – Health monitoring and Assisted living.
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