Rahul Singhal

21 Jun 2024

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To all the companies that have been provided with a platform, be it brand owners, retailers, or distributors, we are generating awareness about its environmental impact. We have approached and guided all the exhibitors who have come here. We have targeted their legal angle and the legal framework so that we can work with them and address their requirements for e-waste disposal. Whatever the completion part is, we can do it. We are trying to associate all these things with retailers, distributors, and visitors. We want to make them aware that this entire work we are doing for e-waste will also have an environmental and financial impact on all industries. When the product you are bringing to the market, after its end-of-life, gets damaged, we are doing the complete work to recycle all the products and make them a part of the circular economy again. So, the Consumer Electronics Expo has created a very good platform where we can work together as an association, and all the companies can work together.

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