Rahul Singhal

To all the companies that have been provided with a platform, be it brand owners, retailers, or distributors, we are generating awareness about its environmental impact. We have approached and guided all the exhibitors who have come here. We have targeted their legal angle and the legal framework so that we can work with them and address their requirements for e-waste disposal. Whatever the completion part is, we can do it. We are trying to associate all these things with retailers, distributors, and visitors. We want to make them aware that this entire work we are doing for e-waste will also have an environmental and financial impact on all industries. When the product you are bringing to the market, after its end-of-life, gets damaged, we are doing the complete work to recycle all the products and make them a part of the circular economy again. So, the Consumer Electronics Expo has created a very good platform where we can work together as an association, and all the companies can work together.

Mukul Malik

So, BenQ India, we are displaying our range of products here. We have displayed our range of monitors here. We have a professional series designed for designers and photographers. We are displaying our programming series—the world’s first programming series, which is particularly for coders—and the gaming range of monitors here. We have a dedicated range for gaming monitors and console gaming, which is for the immersive experience, and we are displaying the range of monitors. Plus, we have a portfolio of projectors. So, we are displaying our home cinema projectors, which are dedicated to theatre projectors. We display our entire range of products, like consumer products, here. CWE- consumer electronics show- is the first edition happening in Delhi, and I feel this is a great initiative that the MEX Exhibition is doing. Until now, no one has taken care of the exhibition in Delhi, North India. We feel that an opportunity like this will give a platform for all businesses and consumers to interact and display their range of products directly, and the consumer will also be able to understand the latest products from the brands which are available in the market and how these can be useful to them.

Amarjit Singh

This is really a good opening for us to launch our new range of products in the IT segment. Actually, we have been in the appliances segment, from air conditioners, for the last 34 years, but now we are diversifying and creating a new division for all its products, like laptops, printers, all-in-one PCs, and tablets, all of which are going to be made in India. This exhibition is a valuable place for us to launch our products because we wanted to have one conference or something like that before where we would call the people and stakeholders, but here I think everybody is welcome, and the last two days were a good initiative, which I acknowledge.

Neha Batra

I think it’s a wonderful initiative because Consumer Electronics World Expo gives all the consumer electronic brands a platform to display their latest products, the newly launched products they are bringing to the market under one platform. So, it’s a wonderful platform for brands and the consumer looking for a new product for their houses. So, I believe that giving a platform like this can help brands know more about what is happening in the industry. So, it’s an excellent platform, as I mentioned. In the future, all the brands can come together and benefit from this exhibition. 

It has given us great mileage, and each has been really better. The kind of initiative this exhibition has taken into branding and promoting the product is just wonderful. We at SHARP have benefitted from marketing and the reachout that has happened as a brand.

Ravi Shankar Chaudhary

The primary objective of CEAMA (Consumer Electronics Appliances Manufacturers Association) is to work for policy advocacy for its members. We have around 90 members as MNCs, domestic manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs. We capture the challenges and concerns that our members might face on various matters, whether it’s regulations, compliances, capability enhancement, skilling, etc., and we transmit these to the respective government departments and regulators.